About Our Cosmetic Facility

Ocean Surgery Center in Torrance, CA

Many of the procedures at Ocean Surgery Center are performed in Dr. Khattab’s Medicare-certified operating rooms, offering you the highest level of certification possible for ambulatory surgical centers.

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Benefits at the Ocean Surgery Center

  • Featuring two equipped operating rooms
  • Board certified surgeons and anesthesiologists
  • Experienced and skilled nurses and surgical technicians
  • A safe, convenient and high quality alternative to inpatient hospitalization
  • AAAASF accredited and Medicare accredited, meeting rigorous quality of care requirements
  • Torrance location offers easy access
  • Excellent efficiency and a friendly staff


  • Where does Dr. Khattab perform surgeries?

    While some of the procedures available at Beyond Beautiful are performed in a hospital setting, most are performed in Dr. Khattab’s Medicare-certified ambulatory surgical facility. Ocean Surgery Center has accreditation from The American Association for Accreditation of Ambulatory Surgery Facilities (AAAASF), recognized nationally as the “Gold Standard” in accreditation. Plastic surgery performed by board certified surgeons in accredited ambulatory facilities has an excellent safety record and an advantage of a lower cost.

Our facility offers excellent privacy and convenience, combined with a high standard of care and safety. Patients spend very little time in the facility and have minimal exposure to other patients and staff, so the risk of infection is minimized. Our accreditation through AAAASF means that we meet high standards of care and patient safety. For Directions to our facility location please click the link.