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A variety of factors have led to increased demand in recent years for procedures that improve the appearance of the Mons pubis area and the vaginal region. The pubic visibility is increasing in all types of media. The grooming habits of Brazilian waxing and the habitual removal of all surrounding hair are now the norm, and this means that anatomical variations are exposed.

Labiaplasty - Vaginal Rejuvenation Torrance, CA

Depending on a patient’s functional and cosmetic needs, any of a variety of types of surgeries can be performed:

Let’s take a look at some of the key characteristics shared by these types of labiaplasty.

How are the procedures performed in Torrance, CA?

Most of these procedures are done under local anesthesia, which allows the patient to drive herself home after the procedure. The combination of topical anesthetic (applied at home by the patient) and the local anesthetic in the operating room let the patient complete these procedures pain-free.

Labiaplasty 3D Animation

What can be expected after the Labiaplasty procedure in Torrance, CA?

In the case of procedures using radio frequency, minimal if any irritation is present. With rejuvenation via injectables — including fat injection — some discomfort is experienced in terms of bruising for a short number of days. In the case of surgical procedures where tissues are removed or rearranged, 2-3 days of rest are strongly recommended, after which the patient can return to work that doesn’t demand physical exertion or prolonged standing. Exercise should be avoided for three weeks, and spinning, swimming, cycling, and sexual activity should be put on hold for six weeks.

What are the risks in Torrance, CA?

With any cosmetic procedures, perhaps the greatest risk as a patient is not having your expectations met. That’s why it’s so important to be confident in the plastic surgeon you’ve chosen, and that’s why plastic surgeon Dr. Khattab values answering all his patients’ important questions and establishing a level of trust before performing any procedure. While many things have been written about the increased sexual satisfaction that results from this set of procedures, there is to date no scientific validity to these claims. Rather, these procedures are used primarily to a) improve overall appearance, and b) assist with function if excessive tissue is being trapped or pinched during activity.

As with any surgical procedure, possible side effects include bleeding and infection, although these are extremely rare, especially if the patient follows the home-care instructions given. Scarring, while also quite rare, is possible, which once again reinforces the importance of choosing your plastic surgeon carefully. At Beyond Beautiful, Dr. Khattab values the trust and respect of his patients above all else.

How much will the procedure cost in Torrance, CA?

Most of these procedures are considered cosmetic by insurance carriers, and as such are not covered — except when there’s significant chaffing or pinching of redundant or excess tissue that requires reconstruction. In rare cases, after massive weight loss, the vaginal area becomes involuted, and is left with ripples and wrinkles that require reconstruction to cosmetically correct. Payment is made before the surgical procedure is performed. The total cost of course depends on the type and extent of procedure, and will be clearly detailed to the patient after the personal consultation.

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