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Mommy makeover recovery is a crucial part of the surgical process. After undergoing a selection of surgical procedures designed to restore their pre-baby body, patients must make sure to follow their recovery directions as closely as possible. For more information about mommy makeover recovery in Torrance, patients can reach out to Beyond Beautiful.

Recovering After a Mommy Makeover

During a mommy makeover, Dr. Sherif Kattab performs multiple procedures, typically during a single surgical session. A major benefit of this is that one surgical session means only one recovery period. There are many ways to ensure a fast recovery and enjoy the best results from your mommy makeover.

Follow Aftercare Directions Closely

Before patients are released after their mommy makeover, Dr. Khattab will give them instructions that they will need to follow diligently. He will explain the details of how to care for incisions and change surgical dressings.

Dr. Khattab will also provide schedules for taking prescribed medications. Patients will need to stick to the times indicated as closely as they can for them to be truly effective. Medications may include antibiotics to prevent infection and painkillers to address any discomfort.

Assistance Is Key

There is absolutely no reason not to ask for assistance when recovering from a mommy makeover. Even actions as simple as getting around the house will be difficult during this time, let alone more involved tasks that require more effort and attention. Patients are advised to reach out to friends, family, or even professional aid before they undergo their mommy makeover.

Light Exercise Only

Patients should avoid any kind of strenuous activities during their mommy makeover recovery period. This means no lifting heavy objects, bending at the waist, squatting, stretching too far, performing heavy exercise routines, or playing sports.

Light exercises like walking for brief periods of time are not only acceptable but recommended. After the procedures, patients should take short walks that get longer as they heal to encourage blood circulation.

Prepare a Room for Recovery

Having an area that is intended specifically for the patient’s use following their mommy makeover would be highly recommended. The prepared recovery room should be stocked with all the necessities that the patient will need ahead of time. A comfortable bed with clean beddings, soft pillows, and excellent climate control will be incredibly helpful.

Rest and Relax

During the recovery period, stress should be avoided as much as possible. This period should be dedicated to nothing but the patient’s recovery. This means that over the next few weeks, any responsibilities that the patient typically handles will need to be covered by someone else.

Mothers can still interact with their kids, but cleaning up, washing dishes, cooking, or doing chores of any kind must be minimized. Delegating responsibilities is a must at this time.

Set Up a Consultation

For more information on proper mommy makeover recovery in Torrance, patients can schedule a consultation with Dr. Khattab. To set up your informative consultation, contact Beyond Beautiful today.

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