Meet Dr. Sherif Khattab - Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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Dr. Sherif Khattab is a prominent plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Torrance, California since 1988. He is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is known throughout the greater Southern California area for his meticulous surgical skill, artistry and genuine concern for his patients.

“I am committed to both aesthetic and reconstructive patients.”

Dr. Khattab is as skilled at facial aesthetics, breast procedures and body contouring as he is with procedures relating to injuries, burns and the aftermath of cancer. Whatever the challenge, his goal is to fully understand that person’s expectations and do everything in his power to meet them.

However, he says, “Sometimes the best decision is not to do surgery. If a procedure is premature or some other factor comes into play, I may recommend something less invasive than surgery or simply to wait. I owe it to my patients to be as honest as possible.”

“Everyone needs reassurance.”

The doctor explains that everyone needs a helping hand and many people are insecure about some aspect of their appearance. It’s so human. And he is adamant about not giving “too general advice” over the phone or even on his website.

He says, “Every person is so unique. There is no one answer. I could recommend a procedure for one woman that would not be appropriate for her twin sister. There is nothing to replace a face-to-face consultation to develop the right plan and to help the patient embrace the change to come.”

“I went into my line of work to make a difference and I love it.”

Dr. Khattab believes that the result of any procedure is in the hands of the physician who delivers the service. Of course, having the latest equipment is essential, and he does. So is having a staff who is non-judgmental and that treats every patient with care, compassion and concern. Also important is having a surgical center that values the comfort of the patient.

But, at the end of the day, it is the surgeon’s ability and artistry – whether we’re talking about surgery or non-invasive treatments – that creates the final result. Dr. Khattab has a keen eye for aesthetics, being born into a culture renowned for its centuries-old techniques for the preservation of youth and beauty. Services areas include: Torrance, Los Angeles, Rancho Palos Verdes, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Hawthorne California.

“Maintaining the highest standards is non-negotiable in my practice”

Dr. Khattab is known for his natural-looking results and gentle manner. And for his very thorough approach. Patients come in for several pre-op and post-op appointments. He does not use general anesthesia for face lifts, preferring instead to use twilight sedation and local anesthesia. Why? “It is much safer for the patient and creates a far more finessed outcome.”



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