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When you first decided to get breast implants, you probably didn’t plan on having them removed or replaced. The reasons for breast implant revision vary greatly among women. Though the most common reason for revision is to alter implant size or to correct undesirable complications.

If you’re at all unhappy with your current implants, Dr. Sherif Khattab can help. Torrance plastic surgeon Dr. Khattab is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience performing both breast augmentation and revision surgery. He would be happy to discuss your revision options during a one-on-one consultation.

When to Consider Breast Implant Revision

Breast implant revision can occur months or years after your original augmentation. Women choose to undergo breast implant revision for a variety of reasons. Many women are simply unhappy with the size of their implants, while others choose to correct complications such as capsular contracture.

No matter the reason, if you’re unhappy with your current implants, breast implant revision may be the right choice for you. As a general rule, the best candidates for breast implant revision are non-smoking, in good health and possess realistic expectations.

What to Expect During Your Breast Implant Revision in Torrance, CA

The consultation: In order to determine if breast implant revision is right for you, you will need to be honest and upfront about every aspect of your health. This includes current or former medical conditions, current drugs or supplements and physical activities that you participate in. This information, combined with your cosmetic goals will help Dr. Khattab determine if breast implant revision is right for you.

Surgery: Breast implant removal is typically performed in less than 2 hours and requires general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. When at all possible, Dr. Khattab will try to remove your implants through their original incisions. Once incisions have been made, Dr. Khattab will remove your implants along with surrounding scar tissue. At this point, he can either replace your implants or close up the incisions, depending on your personal preferences.

Recovery: Your recovery will be similar to that of your original breast augmentation. It is normal to experience bruising, swelling and discomfort for the first several days. Pain medication combined with a special support bra will help ease your discomfort and minimize swelling. You should be able to resume normal activities in about a week, but strenuous activities should be restricted for an additional 3-6 weeks.

Results: It will take about 2 months before your breasts heal and take their final shape. Your results will ultimately depend on your cosmetic goals. Following a full recovery, you can anticipate increased body confidence, improved appearance and enhanced quality of life. If you choose not to replace your implants, a subsequent cosmetic procedure such as a breast lift may be recommended to minimize your risk of an undesirable cosmetic outcome.

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If you’re ready to learn more about breast implant revision, call 310-325-2100 or email us to inquire about a consultation with Dr. Khattab. Beyond Beautiful is located at 23365 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 102, in Torrance, CA. Since 1988, we have been providing excellent care to patients from nearby Torrance, Long Beach, Redondo Beach, and beyond.

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