The most significant development in plastic surgery this year is the FDA clearance of cohesive gel implants from Allergan and Sientra. After years of discussion and research, the so-called “gummy bear implant” is now on the market. Here are 5 reasons to consider these new state-of-the-art breast implants.

1. A natural “anatomical” shape

The new implants come in anatomical shapes, often called a teardrop shaped implant. They also have a a flat back, which is said to improve the relationship between the implant and the chest wall. Because they are shaped, they do not rotate within the breast pocket.

2. Predictable results: the benefits of form stability

The new implants are less “liquid-like” than previous silicone implants. They maintain their integrity, while still offering a natural consistency that mimics real breast tissue.
In a 60-month study of Sientra implants by Dr. Grant Stevens and his colleagues, 355 patients had breast augmentation. The doctors found that complication rates and revision rates were comparable to the existing silicone implants, but the incidence of implant wrinkling and capsular contracture was lower.
According to the current Natrelle website, less than 1 percent of the study’s primary augmentation patients experienced wrinkling or rippling with the 410 implant.

3. Robust clinical data

Allergan received approval on their new cohesive gel implants after seven years of research that involved 941 women.
Sientra’s 10-year study enrolled 1,788 patients, with a total of 1,115 patients receiving primary breast augmentation and 362 patients getting revision breast augmentation.

4. Warranties

When you choose Sientra implants, you automatically get their 10 year warranty, offering $3600 of financial assistance and coverage for both implants, in addition to complete size range changes at no additional charge.
All patients who choose Allergan’s silicone implants get their 10 year warranty with lifetime product replacement and financial assistance in the event of rupture, with options for $1200 or $3500 of coverage for various fees involved with revision surgery.

5. You have clear goals for breast surgery.

Dr. Greg Evans,┬ápresident of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, recently spoke to reporters for the Wall Street Journal. He suggests that cohesive gel implants are ideal for the patient who is perhaps a bit older and knows what she wants. For younger patients, Dr. Evans “says he is more likely to use saline implants” because they sometimes change their minds about breast augmentation and removing the saline implant is easier.
Some women simply know what they want from breast augmentation, or they’ve already had one and have clear goals in mind for revision. For these women, the new cohesive gel implant may be ideal.

A demonstration of Sientra’s form stable silicone breast implant. Watch as the implant, split in half, maintains its integrity under stress.