If you are unhappy with your breast size, whether you have always wanted larger breasts or feel they are asymmetrical, augmentation is likely going to be enough.

Weight loss and pregnancy often leave the breasts looking flat or too small. In this situation, a breast implant may be sufficient to restore volume and improve the shape of your breasts. Sometimes though, removal of excess skin and repositioning of areola will still be needed.
If you look in the mirror and notice that your nipples point downward or sit below your breast crease, you are probably a good candidate for a breast lift.

A breast lift and breast augmentation can be performed alone but are also often combined into one procedure. Combining procedures saves you money and time spent in recovery but getting a breast lift years after your breast augmentation is always an option too.

In 2020 more than 193,000 women received breast augmentation surgery and more than 87,000 women received breast lift surgery, so you are not alone.