In the fight for the top spot when it comes to cosmetic surgery, breast augmentation has been undefeated for the past seven years averaging over a quarter of a million procedures every one of those years. What is causing all of this success?

Women can have the peace of mind knowing that breast implants have been proven safe.

The FDA has already conducted extensive studies on both silicone and saline implants before stamping them with their official seal of approval. The implants have proven to be safe in case of a rupture and neither material has been linked to causing disease of surrounding tissue.

The variety of different material, shapes, sizes and placement allow for a very personalized result.

There are several different options for a women to choose from in order to achieve the look that she desires. The new silicone gel implants that were just recently approved by the FDA are the newest implants on the market today. The Mentor MemoryShape implantis among these teardrop or gummy-bear implants.

Past breast augmentation patients have been providing great reviews, which is encouraging for new women considering implants.

A few months ago, the ASPS published a study showing a 98% rate of satisfaction for breast augmentation. 90% of the women surveyed also attributed their surgeries to an increase in their levels of self-esteem. In past years, breast augmentation has also been linked to other attractive benefits, such as an improved sex life.

Women can enjoy the results of a breast augmentation for a very long time.

Breast implants are extremely durable and designed to last for a very long time. Women who have undergone a breast augmentation are experiencing long-lasting results that can last for decades without requiring any regular maintenance or replacement.

Breast augmentation surgery is finished quickly and recovery is considered to be fairly easy.

On the day of your surgery, your board-certified plastic surgeon can have you in and out the door in under two hours. That includes everything: the set-up, the surgery, and helping you through recovery steps before heading home. Most women are able to return to lighter activity within a few days of her surgery. Higher levels of activity and exercise are achievable after just a couple weeks.