Pregnancy and cycles of weight fluctuation can stretch out the skin and create uneven or embarrassing contours. If you are at a healthy weight, but are bothered by loose skin around the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks, talk to Dr. Khattab about the body lift in Torrance, CA. This cosmetic procedure is designed to remove excess skin to create a tighter, well-toned, and more youthful silhouette. It is an ideal procedure for patients that have lost a lot of weight over their lifetime or women who are done having children. As long as you maintain a healthy weight after your procedure, you can enjoy lasting results!

Reasons to Undergo a Body Lift in Torrance CA

The body lift can take care of some common trouble areas and may even transform your figure. Many patients resort to a body lift when they cannot tighten up the skin or achieve the contours they want with a healthy diet and diligent exercise routine. When your skin does not bounce back because it has lost its elasticity, you will need surgery to achieve a tight and taut look.

The body lift can be combined with other procedures such as liposuction or a tummy tuck for the best possible results. Just like the body lift, a tummy tuck involves removing loose skin and manipulating the tissues to create a contoured look. You may also need liposuction around the hips, thighs, and buttocks to smooth out your contours and achieve a more sculpted look.

Some of the reasons to undergo a body lift in Torrance CA include to:

  • Achieve a more attractive profile
  • Reduce discomfort from loose or hanging skin
  • Remove unsightly skin folds and bulges
  • Get rid of excess fat or fatty deposits
  • Reshape and tighten the lower body
  • Achieve full body improvements that change your silhouette
  • Address several problem areas in a single operation

When diet and exercise aren’t enough to help you achieve the figure you want, cosmetic surgery may be your best solution. The body lift can take care of loose skin and reshape your lower body to create a more attractive silhouette.

Schedule your consultation for a body lift in Torrance, CA with Dr. Khattab today!