As the weather begins to heat up, more people are reaching into their closets and getting their summer outfits ready. That means lots of shorts, skirts, and swimsuits. But if you’re not comfortable with the appearance of your thighs, you may be considering just spending the hot days of summer wrapped up in pants.

If you want to be able to feel comfortable in any summer outfit without worrying about the appearance of your thighs, the thigh lift procedure is your ideal aesthetic solution.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sherif Khattab will remove the excess skin and fat that is giving your thighs their sagging and unattractive appearance. He will then tightly pull the remaining skin over the thigh muscles to create toned, tight-looking, and sexy thighs.

Get the thighs you want by contacting Beyond Beautiful to schedule a consultation for your thigh lift. Dr. Khattab can give you thighs that look good in whatever you choose to wear.