A neck lift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that will improve the look of your neck. There are two types of neck lifts: cervicoplasty and platsmaplasty. In the former, the surgeon will remove excess skin from the neck. In the latter procedure, the muscles in the neck may be tightened, removed or realigned to improve its appearance.

How Can It Help You?

Neck lifts are an excellent option for people who have lost a lot of weight and are now left with plenty of loose and hanging skin on the neck. Sometimes called a ‘turkey neck’, it occurs due to the loss of elasticity in the neck skin.

Is A Neck lift Painful?

After the neck lift procedure, patients will experience some soreness and tightness. However, these are easily manageable with prescription painkillers.

Tape and bandage are also applied at the incision spots to minimize discomfort and swelling. Both the neck and head will be wrapped using an elastic band. You can expect slight swelling and bruising for up to ten days. There will also be minor numbness at the incision site, which will disappear within this timeframe.

You may be advised to avoid turning or twisting your neck for some time. While sleeping, it’s necessary to keep your head elevated for the first two weeks. Please refrain from bending forward or lifting heavy items during this time.

You must also abstain from alcohol for up to a week after the neck lift. Do not consume ibuprofen or aspirin as well. Before participating in any contact sports, seek clearance from your surgeon.

Providing you follow the surgeon’s recovery instructions, you will experience only minor discomfort. You can expect to make a full recovery within two weeks.