After years of dealing with excessive sweating in your underarms, you just want a way to be done with it forever so you can live a normal and happy life. Botox treatments can help, but the treatment only last for roughly six months before another round of injections is needed. Other procedures can be extremely uncomfortable, can have varying results, and may require excessive work.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sherif Khattab offers a permanent solution to excessive sweating: a surgical procedure that shaves the sweat glands on the undersurface of the underarm to provide a major reduction in sweat. In just one hour, you can say goodbye to your underarm hyperhidrosis for life. On top of that, the procedure is so mild that you can drive yourself home when it’s done.

Contact us to schedule a consultation. If you are not quite ready for surgery, Dr. Khattab can provide you with a highly effective temporary treatment until you are ready for your permanent solution.