Mothers, it’s time you treated yourself to something that will help you feel better. Make this the year for a positive personal transformation with a customized mommy makeover package. If you are still self-conscious about this extra pockets of fat, a protruding stomach, or sagging breasts after pregnancy, you may be the perfect candidate for a mommy makeover. Dr. Khattab performs a number of procedures that can restore your pre-pregnancy figure and help you feel like your old self again.

Here are just three reasons to get a mommy makeover this year:

#1: Restore Your Feminine Silhouette

If you have been left with loose and sagging skin around your midsection, or just can’t get rid of a few stubborn pockets of fat around the thighs after the baby, let Dr. Khattab reshape your body with a body contouring procedure. Dr. Khattab can use special liposuction techniques or perform tummy tuck surgery to reshape and enhance your figure. We can restore your feminine curves so you can have your pre-pregnancy figure back.

#2: Boost Self-Confidence

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your appearance after the baby, or have lost your self-confidence when wearing the clothes you used to love, consider undergoing a mommy makeover to feel comfortable and confident again. We can perform breast augmentation surgery to enhance your breasts, liposuction to get rid of extra inches, and tummy tuck surgery to reshape and contour your waistline. Dr. Khattab can show you mommy makeover before and after photos during your visit so you have a fair idea of what is and isn’t possible with our cosmetic procedures.

#3: Achieve Your Ideal Figure

If you have made the decision to have plastic surgery, make sure you are working with an experienced surgeon that can sculpt and reshape your body to your ideal proportions. Dr. Khattab has helped many moms just like you achieve a beautiful figure no matter how many pregnancies they have been through. Whether you want a flatter stomach, larger breasts, or slimmer hips, the mommy makeover can help you undergo a complete transformation. We can discuss your options during your consultation.

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