While diet and exercise can help you lose body fat to reveal your abs, sometimes these healthy lifestyle habits aren’t always enough to achieve a tight and toned waistline. Many women who have had children, and those who have lost a lot of weight, find that they are left with loose and sagging skin around the midsection. This extra skin will not go away on its own, which is why a tummy tuck in Torrance can be such an effective procedure.

If you’re tired of doing dozens of sit-ups and crunches, dieting away extra pounds, but haven’t seen any progress in hiding your stomach pooch or unsightly skin, talk to Dr. Khattab about the benefits of tummy tuck surgery.

Should I Get a Tummy Tuck in Torrance?

The tummy tuck procedure can get rid of excess fat and skin that are adding inches to your waistline. These can be very difficult problems to hide and the extra tissue could make it difficult to wear form-fitting clothing that would otherwise show off your otherwise great figure! If your abdominal muscles have been stretched too far or have even torn because of weight gain or pregnancy, the tummy tuck procedure can also restore those muscles to create a firm and flat stomach. Removing extra fat and skin will create that taut and toned look, and can even take several inches off your waistline and midsection. Most patients need about two weeks of rest after their body contouring procedure to support the healing process.

Will a Mini Tummy Tuck Help Instead?

If most of your problem area is located below the naval, you may be a better candidate for a mini tummy tuck instead of the full surgery. The mini tummy tuck procedure involves making a smaller incision above the pubic hairline so that Dr. Khattab can access only the lower abdominal area. Excess skin and fat can be removed, and the result is a flatter lower stomach. If you do not have extra skin and a layer of fat above your naval, you may be a good candidate for a mini tummy tuck procedure.

For more information about this body contouring procedure, set up your Torrance tummy tuck consultation with Dr. Khattab today!