Rhinoplasty is essentially a personalized touch-up for your nose, tailored to fit your unique look or to help you breathe easier if you’ve got any structural issues. Think of it as a bit of sculpting that can change the size and shape, or even improve nasal functions, making sure it fits perfectly with your face.

Dr. Sherif Khattab gives patients interested in rhinoplasty in Torrance, CA an idea of how this procedure works.

Reasons why People get Rhinoplasty

People get Rhinoplasty for a whole host of reasons. Some look to tweak the size or shape of their nose, wanting it to better complement their face for a boost in how they see themselves.

It’s not just about looks for everyone, though. Other patients have congenital issues, like a deviated septum they were born with. Surgeons correct such conditions to not only improve how their nose looks but also how well they can breathe through it.

Others may have had a sports injury or a fall, leading to a broken nose that didn’t heal quite right. Rhinoplasty can help fix that–surgeons can help their patients get their nose back to how it was before, or even better.

And of course, there’s always the chance to do over a previous surgery that didn’t turn out as the patient hoped, refining the results to truly match their expectations.

Summarizing the Rhinoplasty Procedure

Before your procedure, you’ll undergo a comprehensive examination focusing on your face and nose to identify the adjustments needed for optimal results. Our practice usually takes photographs to use with software that previews your post-surgery appearance, exploring various options to find the right look for you.

On the day of the procedure, be given general anesthesia and you’ll be asleep throughout the operation. This allows surgeons to work without any discomfort on your part, something that simple local anesthesia cannot provide.

Afterwards, you might be ready to head home, although someone else will need to drive you. If an overnight hospital stay is required, you should be able to drive home the next day.

Post-surgery, you’ll follow some crucial instructions — such as avoiding any strenuous physical activity for a few weeks. Even simple actions like blowing your nose will be off-limits for a while. We sometimes recommend patients to opt for button-up shirts for an easier time dressing.

Who Should Consider Rhinoplasty?

If you’re thinking about this procedure, it’s important to avoid smoking and excessive drinking beforehand. These habits can hinder healing, with smoking potentially leading to complications after the surgery. Ideal candidates are those seeking to correct issues such as crooked noses, deviated septums, or any irregularities affecting the nose’s appearance and function.

Consult with Dr. Khattab in Torrance, CA

You don’t have to live with discomfort, breathing difficulties, or dissatisfaction with your nose’s appearance. The right surgical approach can offer significant improvements, enhancing both how you look and your overall quality of life–and the first step to improving your nose is having an appointment with Dr. Khattab. Schedule a consultation today!