Panniculectomy is surgical removal of stretched-out, overhanging skin and fat from the lower abdomen (i.e. pannus/apron) and is most commonly done as outpatient procedure.

Besides being caused by losing a significant amount of weight after gastric bypass surgery and/or diet, excess skin can also be caused by getting older, prior surgeries or pregnancy.

This surgery definitely results in a slimmer abdominal area, but it is only intended to remove the extra skin and fat and is not considered cosmetic surgery. If your concerns are appearance-related only, consider opting for a tummy tuck instead to tighten the abdominal muscles in addition to removing fat.

If your panniculectomy is to be done following bariatric surgery weight loss, you should be at a stable weight for at least six months before undergoing this procedure. So if you are planning to lose significantly more weight, we’ll likely suggest postponing it.

Your panniculectomy may be covered by insurance if your condition causes medical issues. This would include rashes or ulcers that haven’t responded to treatment or are interfering with daily activities and can be corrected with surgery. We can check your plan’s coverage and eligibility requirements after your consultation.

Skin removal surgery will help you feel more confident in your appearance, but bear in mind full healing takes some time. Some patients show significant scarring for more than a year after the surgery and it can take up to two years for scars to fade and to see the intended results. It’s a process but patients tend to be overwhelmingly happy with results.