Are you troubled by the visible signs of aging on your neck and face? Then it is time you consider getting a rhytidectomy. If you have any hanging skin around your lower part of the face or if you have creases around your mouth, then this surgery can eliminate them and give you smoother skin.

The procedure of the surgery is somewhat like this –

Step 1 – Anesthesia is Administered

To ensure the total comfort of the patient, anesthesia is administered. Your doctor will either recommend doing general anesthesia or intravenous sedation.

Step 2 – Incision

An incision is made, which starts from the temples near your hairline, and then continues up till the lower scalp while crossing the ear midway. There is repositioning and redistribution of fat from neck, jowls, and face. The tissues underlying the fat are also repositioned. And, if there are extreme signs of aging, then the deeper layers of muscles in the face are also adjusted. In case you have an aging neck, a second incision will be done.

Step 3 – Closing of Incisions

Once all the adjustments have been made, it is time for the incisions to be closed with the help of sutures. They are removed in a few days’ time or get dissolved on their own.

Once your skin has completely healed from the procedure, you won’t be able to see any lines on your face from the incision because they will merge with the natural contours of your face and the hairline.