Would you believe that you spend upwards of almost 5 hours a day on your mobile device? It is reported that in the United States, smartphone users spend an average of 4 hours and 42 minutes a day hunched over their phones. A staggering number alone, yearly this adds up to 1,715.5 hours—equivalent to about 71 and a half days.

While surprising to some, others might not find this astoundingly high number to be so unbelievable. Whether shocked or not, many overlook the effect that constant smartphone usage can have on our appearance. Loose and sagging skin around the neck has been known for years as a “turkey neck”—more recently, this unbecoming ‘wattle’ has become to be known as, “text neck” or “tech neck”.


Not from phones alone, skin on the neck is delicate to begin with. Yet, the repeated and often prolonged bowing of the head increases the breakdown of muscle, fat, and tissue that help the neck appear tight and young.

Stemming from structural sagging, overtime, the muscles in the neck and lower face lose strength and firmness. Likewise, with age, collagen and elastin are broken down and not replaced as efficiently. Together, these factors cause the skin to dangle and appear crepe-like.

What Can Be Done?

Taking preventative measures keeps your neck healthy and youthful. Make sure to generously apply all skin care to your neck and face as well as applying sunscreen to help protect the neck from damaging UV rays. At Beyond Beautiful, we carry a number of professional skin care lines including Obagi, NIA24, and PCA Skin. In addition to providing future products, skin care products can restore and tighten aging skin. We are more than happy to schedule a skin care consultation to assist you in choosing the best products specific to your unique skin.

Already feeling the droop? Although treating the skin can restore its quality, non-surgical treatments do not help with the abundance of skin present. For a solution to be truly effective, the loose and hanging skin needs to be targeted. Through a neck lift, Dr. Khattab tightens lax muscles while trimming away excess skin. Sculpting the jowl and neck area, your neck and jawline are left slim and smooth.

At Beyond Beautiful, patients are increasingly coming to Dr. Khattab to help restore a youthful neck. Do you think you could benefit from a neck lift? Let us further educate you, schedule a consultation today