With similarly delicate skin, our hands age in a similar fashion to our face and while we are all diligent in our skin care routine, it is common to overlook the importance of our aging hands. Years go by, and the inevitable truth makes itself apparent: the hands do not lie—and are often a giveaway as to one’s true age.

The Telling Signs of Aging Hands

Even in our youth, the skin on the back of our hands is already more delicate than skin elsewhere on the body. In fact, it doesn’t take more than a gentle pinch to feel how thin the skin there is. Over time, our hands naturally lose their youthful volume—just as the skin thins, so too do the fatty tissues that once served as a youthful barrier. Veins and tendons become increasingly prominent and the once taut skin loses its natural elasticity and appears slack and wrinkled.

A Solution: Radiesse

Our Beyond Beautiful patients have been asking about treatment for their hands and now it is available! In just the last year the injectable filler Radiesse received FDA approval to correct volume loss in the back of the hands. We use Radiesse to fill in lines, wrinkles, hollows and depressions that have formed as a result of aging and thus “plump” the back of the hands. Besides immediately plumping up the skin, Radiesse also offers long lasting correction as it encourages continuous collagen building.

Youthful Hands Can Be Yours

When injected, Radiesse is naturally soft and feels and looks natural as it takes on characteristics similar to the surrounding skin and we have been very pleased with the beautiful and youthful voluminous appearance the treatment has shown so far.

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