For Patients Wanting to Fight Aging Without Looking Different

Yes, looking younger and looking completely different after a face lift are two very different things. Have you ever been watching a movie and thought to yourself, “whoa … she looks different.” And it’s not just a matter of makeup or a hairstyle change, or even the natural process of aging. The actress/actor just looks different. Almost like a whole new person.

More often than not, this drastic change in appearance is the result of one or more facial plastic surgery procedures that were maybe unnecessary or taken a bit too far. However, there are also those who sort of sneak under the radar. Those who look a good kind of different; the ones we don’t notice a subtle change until a bit later. The key to a good face lift is preserving your own natural look while addressing issues like sagging skin or wrinkles.

Take Helen Mirren for example. Would you have guessed that she was creeping up on 70? Probably not. Mirren has aged gracefully before our eyes while still maintaining that same look she had back in her earlier movies of the late 1960s. If you look that far back for other celebrities, you would almost not be able to tell it was the same person. So how has Mirren done it? Some attribute it to great small plastic surgery treatments, but nobody really knows. Regardless of how she has maintained a graceful look years younger than her age, Mirren has become a symbol of graceful aging.

Aging Gracefully with a Face Lift

That is what most people desire from a procedure like a face lift. Nobody really wants to look completely different; they just want to treat the beginning signs of aging, from facial wrinkles to sagging skin. The key is a highly trained plastic surgeon experienced in providing patients with natural-looking results with a face lift in Torrance, CA.

A face lift can help treat issues like sagging jowls, deep wrinkles or facial folds while also preserving your own natural appearance. It is important to discuss all of your expectations with your board-certified plastic surgeon during your face lift consultation. Working closely together helps ensure your best results so that your face lift provides you with the rejuvenated look that you want.

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