How many times have you wished you could move unwanted fat to a more desirable area? At Beyond Beautiful, Dr. Khattab can do just that. Using fat harvested during liposuction, Dr. Khattab transfers the fat to a less endowed area of your body. Areas such as your breasts, buttocks, and face can be filled and boosted using your body’s excess fat.

Dr. Khattab first slims your figure through liposuction. Performed on areas where fat is in excess—liposuction is commonly performed on the thighs, stomach, lower back, hips, buttocks, and waist. Using a low vacuum-like suction, Dr. Khattab carefully extracts fat cells, making sure to protect cell’s integrity. Once harvested, the fat is cleaned, then injected into its new home elsewhere on the body. In comparison to man-made fillers, harvested fat decreases the chance of complications such as an allergic reaction and is potentially permanent.

To the Breasts

Wanting a fuller chest but are afraid that you will lose your breast’s natural appeal? Breast augmentation is increasingly being done sans implant, with women choosing a more natural route. Using fat from their own bodies provides an effective alternative to traditional implants. Post-surgery, women report seeing an improvement in both the size and shape of their new found bosom. Likewise, fat grafting gives the breast a soft fullness and refreshed, natural cleavage.

To the Face

It is natural to lose facial volume as we age. By using fat as a facial filler, your face will look reinvigorated. Common injection sites are:

  • Under-Eye Hollows
  • Cheeks & Midface
  • Nasolabial Folds
  • Smile Lines & Around the Mouth
  • Along the Jawline
  • Between the Brows

Harvested fat can even be used in lip augmentations. Filling volume deficient areas is like aging in reverse—with the addition of fat, your face will appear fuller and healthier.

To the Buttock

Who doesn’t want a shapely derrière? Adding volume to your backside can be as easy as transferring it from elsewhere. Once there, the fat stays in place. As you heal, you will not be able to tell the difference between the original and transferred fat.

Dr. Khattab’s Expertise

This dual procedure is highly customized and complex procedure—requiring a qualified surgeon. Dr. Khattab and his skilled surgical team ensure your satisfaction and safety. With his expertly keen eye, Dr. Khattab will help you slim, shape, and contour your body.

This summer, revitalize your body. Through liposuction and fat transfer, Dr. Khattab will give you the toned, shapely body you desire. Enjoy the long-lasting results that using fat as a filler can have. Schedule a consultation at Beyond Beautiful today.