Losing out on sleep is never a good thing. When we don’t get enough sleep, we go through our day cranky, red-eyed, guzzling coffee, and ready to snap at the next person who looks at us funny. As if that wasn’t bad enough, there is now even more reason for you to be getting your sleep at night. A new study sponsored by Estee Lauder has finally found proof that a lack of sleep can lead to premature aging.

A group of 60 women participated in the study and were observed on their sleep patterns and how it affected their behavior. The research showed that an inadequate amount of sleep often led to a decrease in skin health, causing it to age prematurely. Without enough sleep, the skin would become dehydrated and more susceptible to sun damage, making it more vulnerable to form wrinkles and lines and could end up leading to conditions like eczema. The study also found that those who got more sleep often were more confident and had healthier pigmentation and laxity of the skin.

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