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Changing Your Breast Implants

Are you no longer happy with your breast-augmentation results? There are a lot of different reasons for feeling like this. You may no longer prefer having larger breasts, you may want to go even bigger, or you may want to see if a different implant shape will provide you with your ideal results. At Beyond […]

Read This Before Getting a Tummy Tuck

Have you been thinking about getting a tummy tuck so you can have a toned and tight-looking midsection? If you are interested in the tummy-tuck procedure, you should know how changes in your weight can cause changes to your results. A tummy tuck focuses on tightening the abdominal muscles, removing excess skin, and getting rid […]

What to Expect After Your Sculptra Injections

Sculptra is an excellent non-surgical choice for facial rejuvenation. It can be used to address a wide array of common aesthetic issues, like sunken cheeks and marionette lines around the mouth. The treatment is simple and quick and the recovery period is fairly short. You can expect to experience some mild swelling, redness, and bruising […]

Is a Mini-Facelift Right for Me?

Choosing the right surgical facial procedure can seem hard, but knowing exactly what you are trying to accomplish through surgery can help you narrow down your choices. If you are trying to address the early signs of aging on the face that are robbing you of your youthful beauty, a mini-facelift may be your ideal […]

We Can Help Reduce the Appearance of Your Scars

We only have so much control over the way we look. Things like excess fat and muscle definition are aspects of our appearance that we have control over and that we can improve through hard work and dedication. Other aspects of our appearance are out of our control, like scars. Accidents and injuries can leave […]

Don’t Let Your Man Boobs Ruin Your Summer

Are you tired of having to wear a shirt to the beach or when you are at the pool just to cover up your man boobs? If you want to be able to feel confident and attractive without a shirt on, our team at Beyond Beautiful can provide you with the care you need. At […]

Check Out Our Breast-Implant-Replacement Special!

Are you unhappy with the current size of your breast implants? Are you experiencing issues with your breast implants like implant rippling or a ruptured implant? In these cases, your ideal option is breast-implant-replacement surgery. Throughout the month of May, board-certified Dr. Sherif Khattab will be offering a special discount on breast-implant-replacement surgery. He will […]

What are the Benefits of a Brow Lift?

Surgical procedures like a brow lift provide massive benefits to your aesthetic appeal. These procedures are able to correct the deeper lines, wrinkles, and flaws that are diminishing the natural beauty of your face. A brow lift is great for reducing the furrows that can form on your brow, which will help to give your […]

Addressing Aesthetic Issues on Multiple Areas of the Body

Some people prefer to focus on an aesthetic issue on a single area of their body, like their upper arms or their stomach. These issues can be properly addressed with procedures like an arm lift and a tummy tuck. But what about people who have aesthetic issues on multiple areas of their body? When it […]

A Permanent Solution for Your Underarm Hyperhidrosis

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that is characterized by excessive sweating, usually as a result of overactive sweat glands. This condition most commonly affects the underarms. There are many procedures that aim to eliminate hyperhidrosis, but few offer a permanent solution. At Ocean Surgery Center, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Sherif Khattab provides a relatively new and […]

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